Your eyes tell you about the world around you

Your vision is precious to us and we believe that having regular eye tests is the best way to ensure optimal eye health. That is why we offer comprehensive examinations and contact lens assessments for adults and children.

At Unger & Fagan, we use cutting edge technology to examine your eyes. A Qualified Optometrist will carry out a thorough examination, which can last up to an hour.

We will talk to you about your general health and lifestyle, as well your family medical history to understand more about you before we physically examine your eyes. Every eye test is tailored to you and we are proud to offer a personal experience you won’t forget.

When we look at your eyes, we don’t just check your prescription for glasses. Every eye test should be more than that.

Your eyes are the windows on your health

We carry out a detailed assessment of your eye health using a slit-lamp microscope that looks at the external and internal structures of your eyes. We also take a photograph of your retina using a fundus camera and an OCT to examine your retina in more detail. This gives us a window to your general health.

Our state of the art, OCT (Optical Coherence Tomography) takes a cross-section scan of the individual layers of your retina, helping to spot changes within your eyes that would otherwise be unseen through a traditional eye test. An OCT can detect early signs of diabetes, high blood pressure, cholesterol as well as eye conditions such as glaucoma and macular degeneration. The Optometrist will show you your scans, to give you a greater understanding of what’s happening inside your eyes.

Spotting a potential problem early is the best way to get the right treatment and prevent it from becoming a serious issue.

Whatever your age or your physical health, we’re here to give you a precisely pin-pointed prescription, and to help you take care of your “windows on the world.”

Professional Fees

Comprehensive Eye Examination (including OCT)£125
Child Eye Examination (under 18) £60
Comprehensive Eye Exam & Contact Lens Appointment£200
Contact Lens After-Care £75
Corporate Eye ExamsPlease contact us for pricing